Tailor-made Solutions

CAIAC Fund Management AG specializes in tailor-made private label funds, individual investment funds and alternative investments. We offer individual, efficient and rapid solutions in all areas of the collective capital investments.

CAIAC optimizes your private label fund adequately to your personal ideas and needs. Your fund is being assembled from a broad range of building blocks custom-designed for you.

  • Achieve your marketing strategy
  • Assign an asset manager
  • Revert to your investment consultant
  • We provide you with an online broker service
  • Choose your fund type
  • Create your own layout
  • Pick a certain type for your fund
  • Choose your structure of rates and charges
  • Discuss your investment guidelines with us
  • Choose a custodian bank
  • Work with your own distributor
  • Share your investment strategy with us
CAIAC Fund Management AG
CAIAC Fund Management AG