Liechtenstein as Fund Center

The Principality of Liechtenstein was founded in 1719 and today is a constitutional, hereditary monarchy on a democratic and parliamentary basis. Liechtenstein is an independent state and member of many important international organizations, more specifically the EEA and the EFTA, the United Nations, the Council of Europe, and the OSCE.

The advantages of Liechtenstein as a financial center are beyond debate: A stable political climate, a strong and open economy and legal system, a stable currency (Liechtenstein maintains a customs and currency union with Switzerland, with the Swiss franc being the official currency), a very favourable tax legislation, stringent bank and fiscal secrecies, as well as a low level of bureaucracy make Liechtenstein very appealing to investors worldwide.

Of particular importance is an up-to-date and liberal investment fund law that is defined in the Investment Undertakings Act and the relevant ordinances.

Advantages of Liechtenstein as Fund Center
well worth emphasizing:

Future-oriented Investment Fund Location:

With the Investment Undertakings Act (IUA) that came into effect in 1996 and was subjected to major amendments in 2005, Liechtenstein created a very modern, liberal and customer-friendly legal basis for investment funds. The complete version of the IUA’s latest edition can be found at

International Compatibility of Liechtenstein Investment Funds:

As a member of the European Economic Area (EEA), Liechtenstein has free and unlimited access to the European market for the distribution of investment funds (investment companies).

Non-bureaucratic Formation of Funds:

On the one hand, with the introduction of an approval deadline for standard products, a speedy and non-bureaucratic procedure for approval by the financial market agency has been provided for by law. Additionally, a simplified process allows rapid formation of funds for qualified investors.

Focus on Investor Protection:

In line with the regulations of the Liechtenstein investment fund legislation, investor protection has been given the top priority.

The activities of investment undertakings are continuously monitored by the federal regulatory agency and the statutory auditing office, which has been authorized by the Financial Market Authotity.

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