Fund Structure

Single Funds

Collective capital investment in the form of single funds, which invest in various risk categories (Cash, securities, derivates, property, etc.). In Liechtenstein single funds represent the standard structure.

Umbrella Funds

Any number of detached “sub-funds”, divided into separate segments and placed subordinated to a fund-of-funds. At large, these sub-funds form a legal entity, but are financially independent of one another.

A Prospectus containing the various investment guidelines is created for each segmented investment company.


Another possibility is a fund-of-funds structure holding other funds as capital investments. Investment companies for securities are only enabled to invest in UCITS.

Share Classes

Share classes are admissible. They are the share categories of an investment company, which contain certain rights and obligations (i.e. various fees, currencies, distributing / accumulating, among others), however they relate to the same asset.

CAIAC Fund Management AG
CAIAC Fund Management AG