Fund Information

CAIAC Fund Management AG offers a complete spectrum of internationally tradable types of investment funds. At "Fund Data" you will find any publicly accessible investment funds, which CAIAC administrates, including the adequate details about each individual fund.

Publication Organ:

A publication organ stands for print media and electronic platform labelled in the complete Prospectus, on which the management company provides the investors with the information required by law and ordinance. The funds’ official publication organ is the Liechtenstein Investment Fund Association’s homepage (LAFV), available at, where one can find – depending on the fund – the Net Asset Value (NAV), volumes, charts and performance, complete / simplified Prospectus, annual- or semi-annual report as well as messages to the investors.

More information on the particular funds can be referred to at the management company, the custodian bank and, if applicable, the asset manager or fund distributor.

CAIAC Fund Management AG
CAIAC Fund Management AG